Factory manufacture.

Loading and transport.

Delivery and unloading.

Start of installation of basic structure.

After approval of the construction drawings, in-house preparation and manufacture of all parts and components takes place using parts and assembly lists. Control cabinets and modules are also manufactured at our Reutlingen facility. All component parts of the ventilation system such as climate-controlled cabinets, supply-air units and necessary accessories are also prepared as far as possible.

Professional packaging and loading of all individual parts is usually handled by the installation team that will later carry out the installation of the cleanroom infrastructure at your site. Our team will arrive in time to also take care of unloading the parts and bringing them into your facility. In practice, we are often greatly supported by our customers in this, as in the project shown.

After bringing in and pre-sorting all component parts, accurate measurements of the floor area and installation of the floor tracks follow. This creates a first impression of the later dimension of the entire facility. After that one thing follows another.

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